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The rules 

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1. DC or Marvel?

Sorry, Dad….DC stole your daughter’s heart. I’m sorry….

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you? 

I really like Las Vegas, NV. There’s an actual city outside The Strip, guys. And it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived. Because all that money they earn from those casino’s? It goes into making the school’s, parks, and family areas the most exquisitely beautiful places you will ever see. You wake up and see the sun coming up over the desert…and…it just takes your breath away…

3. Favorite T.V. show?

Young Justice

4. Why is it your fav show?

Long Version:

I really love the way it’s written. I think the writers do an excellent job with coming up with clues so subtle that you have to wait 6 episodes to pick them up. But what I really love about it, is the fact that they’ve made it seem real. You look at these characters, and they’re not just heroes and civilians. They’re people with pasts, loved ones, families, responsibilities, real life problems, real issues and flaws. They’ve put so much into making these characters seem real. You put yourself in any one on the show’s shoes and you realize that they’re probably making the exact same decisions you would were you in their shoes. It causes you to form a deep attachment to them. You want everything to be okay, even though there’s the very real feeling that it could not be.

People die; friendships are lost; families are broken; hearts are torn; and sometimes the bad guys win. Why? Because even though we don’t share the same world, it is a real world we live in. It’s not just some space fantasy.

Not every problem can be solved in a half an hour. And I love that.

Short Version:

The painful realism in it and Wally West.

5. Celebrity crush?

Don’t have one. I’m strange, I know. I just…don’t have one.

6. Favorite school subject. 


7. Any hobbies besides Tumblr?

Besides Tumblr….hah…thanks for that, Jen.

I like writing. I write a full-out book for school one time. I’m looking forward to doing it again this year. I  love to draw…mainly just simple sketches, although I’d love to learn to do digital art someday. I’m also in my church’s main choir. Which is all adults, save one or two teens much older than me, so I’m the baby. Yay!

8. Favorite dessert to make.

Chocolate chip cookies. Can’t go wrong with those.

9. Favorite all time movie?

Star Wars for the win!

10. If you could only have one book to read for the rest of your life, what book would that be?

The Bible. It’s the only book that can really sustain me for the rest of my life. It literally will address every single issue in my life and…it’s really comforting

….especially when it feels like no one cares or I just don’t want to talk to people.

I have it on my phone and I will continue to read it the rest of my life.

11. If A plane crashed on the border of Canada and USA where are the survivors buried? 

First of all, if there were survivors, they wouldn’t be buried alive, would they?

Second, if they all died -assuming there were bodies left- they would most likely be identified by scientists and sent to their last country of citizenship where they would be buried by there families.

My Questions:

(Only certain people in a fandom will understand these analogies. For the rest of you….deep things…)

  1. Let’s say you were granted your dream job with a company you really admire. One day they elect you to become President of the company, having only to occasionally answer to the larger company that owns it. One day, both companies are threatened and you are left to not only care for the employment of it’s workers, but for their well-being, as well as your own job. How would you feel and what sorts of sacrifices would you make, whether they be in your personal life and/or job itself?
  2. You find out that for years you’ve been living someone else’s life and all your memories aren’t really your own. How far would you go to find the person who’s life you’ve been living and to find out who you really are?
  3. Your life is perfect. Everything you hoped and dreamed to accomplish is yours and you’re living happily with the love of you life. One day your world begins to fall apart slowly. The person you’re with is practically gone from your life, your best friend is a wreck, and no matter what’s going on, there’s nothing you can really do but watch it all unfold. What are you feeling and how to you react?
  4. If you knew a person you loved was going down a…dark path, how far would you go to try to save them? Would you do everything  you could, even if it meant severing your relationship with them?
  5. You finally find a person in your life whom you know for sure you love. But, you know your boyfriend/girlfriend still has feelings for his/her ex, but is still willing to stay with you, even though they run into said ex quite often. How do you feel and what do you do?
  6. In order to save the lives of your family, you are forced to keep a deep secret from them and pretend to run away and live a lie. Despite the fact that you know all will be well in the end, how do you feel about the situation and would you ever tell anyone?
  7. You find out that someone you once considered family betrayed you and ended up harming one of your best friends to where they are never the same again. Enraged, you refuse to forgive the person you try to get revenge, only to find out that it was all an act and that you ended up causing a huge disaster. What do you do and how do you react now?
  8. One night you wake up and find that you were mind-controlled for 16 hours into destroying a nearby town and are now considered one of the nations most wanted criminals and must pay for your crimes. Do you turn yourself in and try to prove your innocence? What do you do? 
  9. How about some nice things now. What phone do you have and do you like it?
  10. A TV show you wished everyone would watch?
  11. A fandom you wish you were in/want to get into/want to investigate?

I tag:

(If you can guess who those first 9 paragraph analogies are based on I will draw your favorite character for you. Boom.)